Community Involvement

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Community Involvement

The Caron brothers continue to carry on the philanthropic tradition begun by their father and inspired by the nature of the Caron Family Office. While one of the most crucial aspects of Caron Capital is the financial unity required for family capital investments that span two countries, Caron Capital remains active in Quebec as well as in Florida. To that end, Eric and Hugh decided to establish two unique foundations for their respective communities.

Currently, Eric Caron and his family operate the Caron Family Foundation in Quebec, while Hugh and his family operate the Hugh and Caterina Caron Family Fund in Florida. Both organizations continue to inspire members of the Caron family as well as other team members to participate in a number of community events, promoting numerous causes throughout Quebec and Florida. The Caron Family strives to take an active role in many of the organizations and causes it supports, providing much more than financial contributions and resources; in fact, each member of the family volunteers his or her time as well.

Caron Educational Programs

To provide continuing education and lifelong learning about family investments and the family office itself, Caron Capital started Caron Educational Programs. Its chief purpose is to institute structured programs through which current and future generations of family members can engage in learning via multiple formats to prepare the skills necessary for family financial management.

Caron Educational Programs utilizes a core group of experts to teach both theoretical, classroom-based and practical, life-based applications of the above principles. Training takes place on an in-person and a digital basis as needed and occurs on a regular basis to ensure all competencies are in place as family responsibilities grow.

Overall, Caron Educational Programs builds upon the concept that the family office is an enduring entity that will extend past the current generations. Each generation will learn to manage and grow capital so that future generations will be able to do the same.

Community Involvement

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