Our History

The entrepreneurial spirit has persisted within the Caron family for two generations, tracing its roots back to patriarch Michel Caron. Undeterred by his humble beginnings and with almost no professional resources or formal business education, Michel began working at a Québec concrete products business in 1962 as a young adult. His loyalty to the company and its success was unsurpassed, and over the course of many years, Michel worked his way from the bottom rungs to the top tier of that company.



In an event that would change the course of the Caron family for generations to come, the owners of the concrete products business elected to close the company and sell its assets. Michel had invested so much of his own vision and leadership into the company at this point that he was determined to make an offer to ensure the success of the business and its employees. After purchasing the business in 1978, Michel continued growing it and in 1985, merged with another concrete manufacturer to create Groupe Tremca. A few years later, in 1990, Michel went south and Tremron was born with a first concrete products plant in Miami, Florida.

Passing the Torch

While Michel had already achieved his lifelong dream to own and operate a Québec and a Florida businesses, his other dream – to see his sons find similar success – was unfolding before his eyes. Both Eric and Hugh were building meaningful work experiences with leading consulting and investment banking firms. As each of his sons sought their own professional accomplishments outside the family business’s umbrella, Michel made it clear that their insights and contributions would be welcome if and when they decided to join him.

In 1995, Eric joined the Québec operations Groupe Tremca and the Carons bought out their partner to retain full control over Groupe Tremca and Tremron. After attending graduate school in Florida, brother Hugh joined the Florida operations, Tremron. Quickly, both grew to attain leadership roles in their respective businesses, growing and extending the business to its full potential by incorporating multiple plants and with the introduction of new product lines. A third geographical location was also added in 2006 with the construction of a modern and automated manufacturing facility in New Jersey.

Under Eric’s management, Tremca became a leading manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete products in Quebec. Meanwhile, Hugh expanded the Florida operation from a single plant in Miami to five plants spread across the Southeast. By 2016, Tremron was the largest privately-owned hardscape concrete products manufacturer in the southeastern US.

The sale of Tremca in 2009 and Tremron in 2016 provided the capital that would transform the Caron family businesses once spread across two countries into a united Caron Family Office, co-owned by Eric and Hugh. The entrepreneurial spirit has remained strong in the process, as Caron Capital continues to seek investment opportunities and both Eric and Hugh remain involved in all associated businesses.

Our Offices


  • 1301 Riverplace Blvd
    Suite 2400
    Jacksonville, Florida, USA


  • 2170 Rene-Levesque Blvd West
    Suite 402
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    H3H 2T8