Asset Classes

Caron Capital’s investment approach hinges directly on our standing as an entrepreneurial family office. As such, we secure investments based on the long-term outlook necessary to provide future capital growth. Each decision regarding our numerous investments is made via a senior leadership that consists of key family members with a crucial stake in the outcome; as the result of this structure and a never-ending fund life, we have the flexibility to pursue a number of asset classes.

Traditional Investments

Our traditional investment portfolio consists of multiple short- and long-term fixed income instruments. We also have important positions in public equities across the world through index funds and fund managers. Fund managers are chosen using a careful selection process; decisions are made based on each manager’s track record, strategy selection, and potential contributions to our overall portfolio.


Alternative Investments

Caron Capital’s alternative assets feature a list of private debt, real estate, infrastructure, private equity and other managed funds throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and developing markets. The products and services managed by this collective span a wide range of industries and sectors of business, further diversifying our overall portfolio.

Private debt funds

Caron Capital focuses on private debt funds including senior and secondary debt, distressed debt, mezzanine debt, real estate debt, and special situations funds, among others. One important attribute Caron Capital looks for in these funds is their ability to realize on the loans.

Real estate funds

Many of Caron Capital’s real estate funds involve the acquisition, administration, improvements and holding of individual properties or portfolios of properties. These funds are either closed or open ended and focus on different products, strategies and geographies.

Infrastructure funds

Primarily, Caron Capital’s infrastructure fund investments focus on the public assets and services that people rely on to live, work and travel. Currently, we invest in infrastructure like clean energy assets, electric and other utility services, shipping and freight services, airports, education services, and communications services.

Private equity funds

Caron Capital utilizes private equity funds to invest in private companies. The private equity fund may have general or specific investment criteria. They may also focus on different stages of a company’s progression, including venture capital (early stage), growth capital, leveraged buyout and distressed situations.

Direct Investments

Caron Capital focuses its direct investment efforts on a number of well-known industries with which family stakeholders have a long history of in-depth knowledge or a pre-existing deep relationship with existing management. Still, these industries are varied, providing the family office with an extensive, diverse direct investment portfolio.

Currently, Caron Capital holds both active and passive direct investments in a number of companies. These investments are on a partial or majority ownership basis. Roles for Caron family members vary from being involved on a weekly basis to board memberships to very limited implications.