Our Investment Philosopy

Our Investment Philosophy

Caron Capital’s investment philosophy rests on a researched, diversified approach built to enhance and protect family wealth. To that end, we actively seek the diversification of assets classes, geographies, and sectors.

Our investment philosophy has ultimately been cultivated to provide a long-term, generational outlook. In particular, we engage in deliberate, patient investing rather than reacting to small swings in the market. To accomplish this, our methodology must be extremely disciplined during the research, analysis, and follow-up stages.

Similarly, rigorous governance of each and every investment decision is a key component of Caron Capital’s investment strategy. In addition to capital preservation, we also focus on growth for future generations. As such, we look to keep liquidity in order to seize opportunities that may arise in the future.

While diverse in nature, the businesses and funds we invest in tend to share an overarching group of similarities:

Well-known fund managers

Well-known fund managers with potential for top quartile performance. These managers have a proven track record of managing funds with a history of positive growth. Oftentimes, fund managers hold investments of their own, providing additional incentive for continued diligence.

Well-known industries

Well-known industries showing strong signs of growth potential. Caron Capital has had long-term insight and investments in several industries that have shown fundamental success over the preceding decades. These industries have a relatively low chance of becoming obsolete in today’s market and have since provided positive returns on invested capital.

Trusted management teams

Trusted management teams. No matter the industry, experienced, diligent management teams show a strong investment potential due to their deep insights within their particular sector. Caron Capital prioritizes investments with trusted management teams, as they have already proven an ability to innovate and build a strong corporate culture.

Industries with global potential

Industries with global potential. In the digital age, diversifying investments means attention to industries that affect areas outside the local community of impact. Strong, local brands that harbor a potential to expand outside the region show a particularly strong growth outlook.

With respect to the numerous asset classes, geographies, and sectors Caron Capital chooses, we strive to remain flexible and provide value within each investment relationship where applicable. Depending on the situation, we seek to provide support, growth initiatives and a strong, positive relationship to ensure the continued success of each investment. Caron Capital focuses on the long-term horizon and places all due importance on the contributions of each individual investment to the Caron overall portfolio.