Our Mission and Values

The primary purpose of Caron Capital is to manage the Caron Family’s legacy and wealth by continuing to grow its existing assets as well as by actively seeking additional opportunities for growth.

Caron Capital’s key objectives center on capital growth in three important areas. By providing a solid infrastructure within the family office as well as a universally agreed-upon system of governance supported by all generations moving forward, Caron Capital seek to enhance the growth of:

Financial capital

Caron Capital will grow its financial capital by managing current investments and by seeking and leveraging new opportunities.

Intellectual capital

Caron Capital remains focused on integrating the next generation into the current family office structure. To that end, Caron Capital is encouraging the next generation to assume its own education and development.

Human capital

Caron Capital maintains a focus on improving the surrounding communities with emphasis on its Foundation and Donor Advised Fund.

Our Values

At the center of the Caron Capital mission are a number of values inherent to its success. These values are shared by all current generations of the Caron family and are reflected in the decisions made by the collective. Core ideals such as prioritizing family over self, utilizing personal skills for the betterment of the family office, and always endeavoring to work hard and earn the trust of other members are the heart of the mission. In addition, Caron Capital places utmost importance on maintaining an atmosphere of honesty, humility, patience, and respectful communication to propel the office towards meeting its key objectives.

Our Offices


  • 1301 Riverplace Blvd
    Suite 2400
    Jacksonville, Florida, USA


  • 2170 Rene-Levesque Blvd West
    Suite 402
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    H3H 2T8